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Morning Star Video Productions has produced hundreds of video productions through the years.  Started in the mid 1980's by Rich Previte, Morning Star Video Productions began videotaping weddings and special events.  In the early 1990's services expanded to producing training, safety and promotional productions for businesses, non-profit organizations and churches.  Now into the 21st century, the focus has sharpened on producing original independent, creative and inspirational productions intended to bring hope and provode wholesome entertainment.
This website is a vehicle to show these productions along with original writing, photos, art and music.

Morning Star Video Productions also offers professional consulting in the areas of video / multimedia production and promotional video script writing.  This is applicable for businesses and non-profit organizations and ministries.

Commercial and event video production and photography may also be available.

Personal Media History
Richard C. Previte started using a super 8 mm film camera at the age of seven when his father showed him how to take home movies for a family vacation.  Rich then went on to make short 8 mm summer films with his neighborhood friends.  With the advent of home video equipment in the early 1980’s Rich with his lifelong friend Rich Meranto and with the assistance of Ron Zdzbco produced two sci fi independent feature films. (Andromedia: The Motion Picture: 1981) and (Andromedia: The Saratec’s Stratagem:  1982)  It sure helped to be a part of the Drama Club at LaSalle Sr. High school and have actor friends hanging around in the summer.

Rich loved making videos so much, he attended Niagara University’s Communication Studies and graduated with a B.A. in 1986.  He also worked for the NU’s TeleCommunication Center (Media Resources) making video programs and showing educational programs over closed circuit cable. That’s where he met his boss, mentor and good friend Herman R. Platt.

Rich was so into this video thing that he went on to CBN University (now called Regent University) and received a M.A. in Media Management and Television.  He worked on a student religious news program called “Newsight” which aired nationally on CBN Cable (now ABC’s Family Channel).

Returning back to Western New York, Rich helped to start a low power TV station in Buffalo, Channel 58.  He also worked for WJJL-AM Radio in Niagara Falls, NY doing sales and writing commercials.  Rich’s stringer and video production work has been seen on all major TV stations in Buffalo, NY as well as regional cable.

About this time, Rich officially started Morning Star Video Productions.  The name "Morning Star"  is a  Biblical title ascribed to Jesus Christ.  This name was chosen for the company to honor Him.  

For many years after, Rich with his wonderful talented wife Adele M. Previte (married in 1993), videotaped and edited hundreds of weddings, special events, corporate and Christian videos mostly on a part time basis. Adele earned an A.A.S. in Communications from Niagara County Community College.  Adele is a very talented videography & editor.  She’s also is a terrific singer and a great fan fiction writer and photo manipulator of Voltron.  Check out her website  alluraandkieth.homestead.com

In 1991, Rich went to work for his alma matter Niagara University and  returned to the Office of Media Resources.  Under Herm's direction, Rich worked to expand the media technology and services at NU.  He has helped to create many promotional and educational videos seen on campus and around the country.

In 2002, Rich also started teaching as an adjunct faculty member for Niagara University's Department of Communication Studies.  Rich teaches video writing and video production classes.

Upon Herm's retirement in 2008, Media Resources was consolidated into the Office of Information Technology.  Rich is working as an integral part of combining and enhancing customer service and technology on the campus of Niagara University.

Rich Meranto & Rich Previte
Andromedia (1981) Independent Film
Rich with Herm Platt , Director Emeritus of Media Resources Niagara University.
Sister Carol, Mom Grace & Dad Carmen at Rich's graduation from CBNU / Regent University (1988)
Rich with his talented and beautiful wife Adele
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