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The seven-year account in the fictitious life of teenager Lisa Collins.  She is the daughter of a minister however she chooses to lead a rebellious life.  Lisa is very familiar with Biblical prophecies concerning the rapture.  According to these prophecies, Jesus Christ will suddenly return and take all true believers with him to Heaven.  This event will set the stage for seven years of unparalleled tribulation on Earth.  Although she knows what the Bible says, she lives her life according to her own ways.

One day, a Christian friend is driving Lisa to work.  In the middle of their conversation, Lisa's friend is suddenly transformed and vanishes before her eyes.  With no one behind the wheel, the car begins veering off to the side of the road.  Narrowly averting disaster, Lisa witnesses the results of accidents all around her.  She quickly learns that her parents and millions of others have instantaneously vanished as well.

The short film that you see here was originally intended to be test scenes for a feature length version not yet produced.  If the Lord wills one day we will make the full version of "One Day Too Late". 

The full screenplay has been written and is available upon request. 

In the full screenplay, the rest of the story goes on to tell how Lisa discovers parishioners from her father's church are also among those whom have been left behind.  They come together and share their common devastating experiences.  Through a series of dramatic flashbacks we vividly see their Christian loved ones being taken in the rapture.  Others give accounts of deceased believers being raised from the dead and meeting the Lord in the air.

Although those that are left are from various religious, ethnic, age and economic backgrounds, they all have one thing in common; they did not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  They explore the difference between religion and relationship.

The world is in shock and is speculating what has happened but Lisa and the group knows the truth.  They are compelled to preach the Gospel and tell those in their city what has really happened.  They also warn them of the years of tribulation ahead. This raises opposition from local authorities and a newly formed Global Federation that is bringing hope to the chaotic world. The leader of this federation begins to bring peace to the world through his wisdom and miraculous powers.  Many swear their allegiance to him and proclaim him to be the true messiah.  However, Lisa leads this rag tag group of fugitive believers who try to reveal his true identity: the Antichrist.  

There are several twists in the story.  One character (who is a type of the Apostle Paul) is initially opposed to this new group of Christians.  He later is converted and wins many to Christ.  Others, even family members betray their own relatives.  The group is relentlessly pursued.  Many are killed, some recant their testimony and others escape. Other plot surprises lead up to the dramatic conclusion depicting the end of the tribulation and Christ's return to Earth.


Made in 1999. Shot on MINI DV digital tape with a single chip Canon Optura.  Edited initially on SVHS using Panasonic model AG -1980 linear editing systems. Later captured onto non linear edit system using early version of Premier with a Pinnacle Real Time Card. Digital effects were added and audio sweetened.  This was state of the art stuff for independent films guys back at the turn of the millennia. By the way, the computer I used had two 20 gig hard drives.  How could you ever need more space than that?  It also crashed about every 8th edit. 

Additional footage (VHS) was provided by my friend Cindy Wienkie of disaster training simulations.  One small part of my footage was also done on VHS when my one and only battery died on the borrowed Mini DVD camera.  It pays to have a back up camera handy!

I also composed and performed the music on a Yamaha PSR 220 consumer keyboard.  The main theme is inspired by the music from Star Trek VI Undiscovered Country.  I originally composed Lisa’s theme when I was attending CBNU (now Regent U) for my friend Rick Reed’s screenplay of Poison.  It was called “Belinda’s Theme” back then.

All locations were shot in the Niagara Falls, NY area.  The home interiors were done in our apartment (my wife Adele and I).  The house exterior is my parent’s home.  The cool underground hideaway was recorded in a storage cellar to an old building  from the late 1800’s. (Clet Hall at Niagara University) No cockroaches were harmed while making this video…well maybe one.

As mentioned above, the trailer and the short film were actually test scene footage I was doing in preparation of making a full length version not yet done.  Sometimes if you can’t do a huge project, you gotta just do what is achievable at the time.

Hope you enjoy it.
Rich Previte
About the Actors: Several actors are Theatre students from Niagara University. * Dave Parfitt was a professor at NU and a former English teacher from my High School (LaSalle Sr. )  Many others are friends from FIrst Assembly of God church in Niagara Falls, NY.

IOne Day Too Late
Credits for Shot Film & Trailer

Lisa Collins
Jennifer E. Nangle *

Joshua  Bradley *

Pauline Speaks *

Tonia Campanella *

Barbara Collins
Adele M. Previte

Pastor Jack Collins
Richard C. Previte

Jonathan Collins
Peter Leoiane

Stephane Collins
Ashley Green

Billy Collins
William Harris


Anthony (News Anchor)
Paul O. Mahoney *

Antichrist & Narrator Voice
Michael Fiore

Rev Stuart
David Parfitt

Husband (Raptured)
Don Soto

Wife (Left Behind)
Lou Ann Soto

Raquel Serianni

Leanne Soto

News Studio Floor Director
Matthew Jellings

Associate Camera Operator
Ralph C. Payne

Production Associate
A.J. Barone
Adele M. Previte

Additional Footage
Cindy Wienke

Camera Operator
Musical Composer
Richard C. Previte

Special Thanks
Rev. Joseph Denitto
Church on the Rock (Niagara Falls, NY)
Rev. Robert Jones
First Assembly of God (Niagara Falls, NY)
Herman R. Platt
Brother Augustine Towey, C.M/
David Quick
Jim Toner
Doris Simons
Tom Link
Greg & Cathy Harris
Carmen & Grace Previte

An original short film from Morning Star Video Productions

Short Film
Copyright 1999 Richard C. Previte
DBA Morning Star Video Productions

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Copyright 1999 Richard C. Previte
DBA Morning Star Video Productions